Rack-Based Power Solutions

Pow-R-Busway III

Data center power distribution

For years, traditional data centers were designed around clean aesthetic rooms, and power cables were layered below floor tiles. That design made it difficult to implement upgrades and changes. Further, it created airflow issues with the underflow cooling. The next-generation data center designs have shifted the underfloor power cables overhead, using cable tray, to improve cable organization. However, that does not solve the problems encountered with changes and upgrades—modifications in cable routing and outlet wiring take time and can be costly

Key Pow-R-Flex busway benefits

  • Engineered to accommodate data center changes and updates
  • Easy to install
  • Offers enhanced safety and meets UL 857 standards
  • Saves significant time and labor
  • Reusable and expandable

Icon of three modules connected through the common center moduleModularity

Eaton’s Pow-R-Flex busway is engineered to accommodate changes and updates in data center floor layouts:

  • Pow-R-BridgeE joint connections allow the busway sections to be joined to each other quickly without the use of special tools
  • Sections are reusable and can easily be added, removed or repositioned per user requirements
  • Busway may be mounted in any orientation
  • Can be installed to run through walls and floors

Icon of a locked padlockSafety

Data centers need to be available all of the time. So, as circuits need to be added or removed, the busway needs to remain energized. Eaton engineered the Pow-R-Flex with enhanced safety in mind.

  • All Pow-R-Flex busway ratings and configurations have been tested and listed to ULT 857 safety standards
  • All conductors remain fully enclosed, eliminating any incidental contact with live conductors from hands, tools and wire
  • Plug-in provisions along the busway have a spring closure safety shutter that automatically opens and closes when a plug-in is inserted or removed
  • Busway fault current ratings range from 22 kAIC to 42 kAIC symmetrical rms
  • Receptacle connector and breaker combinations have been tested to UL 231 section 26, for fault current ratings up to 25 kAIC at 240V

Icon of a clockReliability

Eaton has a long track record of providing reliable busway solutions for around-the-clock systems.

  • The Pow-R-Bridge joint fitting connects one busway section to another, uses special torque indicating bolts for proper installation torque, and eliminates the need for special or calibrated tools
  • Each joint fitting uses Belleville washers that apply constant pressure in the joint as the conductors expand and contract from heating and cooling, preventing the joint bolt from loosening over time
  • Plug-in units use spring tension finger clusters that clamp onto the phase conductors when inserted into the busway
  • Optional SmartBoltsT offer a visual indication of joint bolt tension, eliminating the need to check torque or do thermo scans

Icon of a pair of arrows creating a loopEconomical

It has long been proven that the total installed cost of a busway system is less than the cost of a traditional wire and conduit system, saving time and labor.

  • It comes ready to install and eliminates the need to install additional cables, trays and outlets
  • Each outlet plug-in unit comes fully wired, ready to use
  • It is reusable and expandable. Should the need arise to change the server floor layout, it can be changed and rerouted to meet the changing needs of the data center, eliminating the need to purchase new cable and conduit