Three-Phase Power Distribution

Eaton Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

The Eaton PDU series can be easily expanded as power needs change by adding up to two side-cars. This expands the distribution capacity from 84 to up to 252 circuit breaker pole positions. Each PDU can be configured to meet your specific needs for isolation, voltage transformation, harmonic reduction and voltage regulation with virtually limitless distribution options.

Built-in system monitoring and diagnostics facility load balancing and warn of potential threats to your critical equipment.

  • Up to six 42 pole panels—two in main cabinet and four in side cars
  • Up to 8 225A subfeeds in main cabinet for 50-150kVA PDU and up to 12 225A subfeeds in main cabinet for 200-300kVA PDU
  • Space saving design
  • Both distribution panels and subfeed breakers available
  • Front-access only design, top and bottom cable access
  • Optional Energy Monitoring
  • K1, K13, K20 & TP-1 transformers available